Alicia Lang

Alicia has a passion for all things food, nutrition, and creativity. She promotes an "all foods fit" mentality to healthy eating and a joyful relationship with food.

As part of the Slumber Cereal team and a true believer, Alicia will write about evening nutrition and setting the stage for a getting a good night's sleep through the power of food and healthy habits.

Here are some sleep-friendly topics Alicia will be writing about:

  • How eating before bed might help you sleep
  • What you pour over your cereal can help you sleep
  • The importance of protein in getting a good night's sleep
  • How fibre helps you sleep
  • The building blocks of the perfect bedtime snack
  • Having a nightly ritual can help you sleep & Mindfullness
  • How whole grains help you sleep
  • Sleep hygiene
  • The best foods for insomnia
  • How sleep prevents disease

 Get the sleepy picture?