Peter Ehrlich, Founder

During my wild and crazy teenage years in Montreal, I would often come home late at night. But as a last act, my final and sometimes only moment of sanity for the day, I would pour myself a bowl of cereal. I never bothered to wonder why. It just felt right.

During my next era, as a nutritionally healthy and competitive 10km runner and weightlifter, cereal seemed to be a simple, healthy last thing to eat at the end of the day. All I knew back then was, I never felt well after eating heavy at night.

Eventually I became a father and discovered what true love truly is. As our nightly final snack, I would share a bowl of cereal with my son. It was a beautiful and loving ritual that brought us closer together, offering closure to our day; quality-time at its finest. We would talk about fishing, friends, where we planned to travel next, and on and on. Our children leave the nest, but the rituals never leave our hearts.

Years later, as an empty-nester, I had an epiphany.  I realized that there must be a bio-functional reason why I was drawn to snack on cereal as the last thing I wanted to eat for my entire life; why cereal seemed to calm me down, setting the stage for a better night sleep. 

Google is my best friend on many occasions. I discovered that there is indeed a reason so many of us, me included have are drawn to cereal at the end of the day.  Aside from the loving ritual reason, its because of an amino acid in certain ingredients called tryptophan.

What if a cereal was created where its ingredients were chosen for their tryptophan content?

Welcome to the sleepy world of Slumber Cereal.


Peter Ehrlich
Fellow SlumberBum